Monday, February 6, 2012

My Kids put their own laundry away today

Hahahah.....yay! seven year old put her laundry away in the drawers and hung up her clothes WITHOUT COMPLAINING or making me ask her to do it 400 times!
My almost 4 yr. old happily hung her shirts, and put her jammies, socks and undies away. I have it all on film to prove it!
My 2 year least he put his dirthy clothes in the hamper when I asked him to.
(Don't think about the bag of cheez-its he spilled on the floor because after all he did help vacuum it up- that took for- ev-er)
Anyways, your kids will NEVER be independent and take care of themselves unless you first show them how and then reinforce, reinforce, gentle reminder, reinforce!!
Find something they are into and tell them that they only get to do that thing by finishing their job. Have a backbone about it, but don't be a dictator!
Even though it takes waaaay longer to get the job done, in the long run they will feel proud they can do it themselves, and you won't have to do that job anymore.
This was my proud moment for the day!


  1. You are a very good mommy. You are a great example for my daughter who will be starting her own family soon. And you are a great example for me I have learned so many cool things from your videos already. You should post over on your videos at the place where you show yours and other links, you should post that you have this blog. We think you are great! You are truly a blessing to my family, thank you.

  2. I have been watching your video's for a while now and I love them (will you be updating your blog anytime soon)! I have been sharing this link with everyone I know so I thought I would share it with you too because I am so grateful that someone shared it with me and I would hate for someone to miss out because I didn't share it with them. I hope this doesn't offend, I just wanted to share because of what a great change this has made in my life. It's so wonderful, please check it out.

  3. Heya :)

    I decided to post here regarding your Floor Plans video as I can type more than in the comments section of your vid! My in laws have built 2 houses over the years and are currently in the process of getting their 3rd house built for the purpose of retiring in. DH & I recently bought our first house although we also looked at the Pros & Cons of buying land and building.

    In the *current* real estate market, depending on where you live and wanting to buy, it's seemingly cheaper in most places to buy a pre-existing home than buy land and build. I believe it was the reverse however before the housing market crash and economic downturn.

    The pros of building your own home obviously include the fact that you're creating your 'dream' home. You can get it built to your personal tastes, needs and specifications. HOWEVER, the cons are that if you're choosing not to build in an already established development area, the costs of running electricity to the property, gas lines, sewer and water (or getting a septic pump and well) can be extremely costly depending on how far out of town you're building.

    As for buying an existing home, I agree with you that I wouldn't want to live in a new subdivision with an HOA either (DH & I felt that new houses 'had no soul'!). We bought a 1959 ranch house on half an acre in the outer suburbs that wasn't part of an HOA although we do have some rules set by our local City Council as to what we can/ can't do (nothing overly prohibitive or intrusive though, and obviously we don't have HOA fees!). The cons of buying an older property however, was that it did need some updating (I stripped the wallpaper and painted, and it needed some electrical updates) but we figured all of this into the price we offered for the house.

    Overall, in our case, if we had bought a piece of available land within 5-10 minutes of where we ended up buying at a comparable / larger size, the cost of building and the cost of utility hookups would have ended up being *double* what we spent on buying this house.

    So, do your maths, and remember whether you're buying existing or building new, always budget 15% for emergency/ contingency repairs or updates! Weigh out all of your options and choose what's best for your family.

    Remember though, if you do go with an older house, don't let the decor deter you as decor is easily changed with some elbow grease and a lick of paint! What you're mainly looking for is a good price and functional layout! Good luck to you and keep up the wonderful work with your videos! ♥

  4. When my kids were young, they started doing chores. When they grew up and moved out, I said hey wait a minute, who is going to do my laundry, who is going to clean the house, who is going to do the shopping. LOL I trained them very well and now they are wonderful wives with beautiful clean homes

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  6. Hi from New Zealand :0) I love your videos, especially the de-cluttering videos and I hope you will post again soon (any kind of video). Why? Having watched the de-clutter playlist, I now hit play-all when I de-clutter. Listening to you not only reinforces your tips but helps keep me motivated to deal with sentimental items (can't watch and de-clutter at the same time). While space was not an issue (having stuff tucked away all over the house only made it hard to access things stored in the same spaces without triggering memories of loved ones that have gone to be with the Lord. Not only have/do you help me but also my extended family as I have shared my letting go of things with them. They have then let me support them in going through the sentimental items of our other family members. Thank you even though it doesn't seem sufficient! "The LORD bless you and keep you: The LORD make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you: The LORD lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace." Numbers 6:22-24, Amen. P.S. I'm not on youtube or facebook etc so I hope you receive this message :0)

  7. We miss you! I wish you could at least let us know you are ok. Have not heard from you.