Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Well, I usually am sentimental about a year passing and spend some time reflecting as I write in my journal. I think everyone should keep a journal- it is so nice to get your thoughts out- it is like I am my own therapist sometimes. Too bad I most often write in it when I am mad or frustrated. lol! Anyways- it didn't happen on New Years Day so I am writing goals before January ends.

1. To set up a daily schedule that I can use as a general outline to keep me on task and from wasting time. I will get more done!
2. To blog more often
 O.K goals are supposed to be measurable and specific so let's just say I would like to blog weekly.
3. To get more sleep.
 Again, that was pretty vague..o.k so I will get to bed by 11:30pm nightly. Trust me- this is a major goal for this night owl.
4. To lose 10 pounds. I guess the weight doesn't matter so much as if I fit into my clothes better.
 So I guess you can't really have a specific goal without a plan for achieving it. So here goes: I will exercise by either doing a video (p90x, just dance wii, etc.) or by walking/jogging twice a week.
So that goal seems weak. Whelp, why have a goal that is completely unobtainable? If I said everyday and skipped a day I would feel like a loser. If I exercise only one day I will be like "man, I did half of my goal this week!"

What are your goals for this year? Do they fit with your priorities??


  1. Love the Daily Schedule idea. Have you seen the My life (and home) has changed for the better in the last 2 years because of this site. Your Youtube videos have taught me to bake REALLY GOOD STUFF! + now I like to say 'Struessel' like your teacher. LOL

  2. This is a wonderful idea really. I am very impressed with this. Although, i didn't set my goals for this year But after reading this post, i am thinking to note it down. thanks!!!