Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Well, I usually am sentimental about a year passing and spend some time reflecting as I write in my journal. I think everyone should keep a journal- it is so nice to get your thoughts out- it is like I am my own therapist sometimes. Too bad I most often write in it when I am mad or frustrated. lol! Anyways- it didn't happen on New Years Day so I am writing goals before January ends.

1. To set up a daily schedule that I can use as a general outline to keep me on task and from wasting time. I will get more done!
2. To blog more often
 O.K goals are supposed to be measurable and specific so let's just say I would like to blog weekly.
3. To get more sleep.
 Again, that was pretty vague..o.k so I will get to bed by 11:30pm nightly. Trust me- this is a major goal for this night owl.
4. To lose 10 pounds. I guess the weight doesn't matter so much as if I fit into my clothes better.
 So I guess you can't really have a specific goal without a plan for achieving it. So here goes: I will exercise by either doing a video (p90x, just dance wii, etc.) or by walking/jogging twice a week.
So that goal seems weak. Whelp, why have a goal that is completely unobtainable? If I said everyday and skipped a day I would feel like a loser. If I exercise only one day I will be like "man, I did half of my goal this week!"

What are your goals for this year? Do they fit with your priorities??