Monday, February 6, 2012

My Kids put their own laundry away today

Hahahah.....yay! seven year old put her laundry away in the drawers and hung up her clothes WITHOUT COMPLAINING or making me ask her to do it 400 times!
My almost 4 yr. old happily hung her shirts, and put her jammies, socks and undies away. I have it all on film to prove it!
My 2 year least he put his dirthy clothes in the hamper when I asked him to.
(Don't think about the bag of cheez-its he spilled on the floor because after all he did help vacuum it up- that took for- ev-er)
Anyways, your kids will NEVER be independent and take care of themselves unless you first show them how and then reinforce, reinforce, gentle reminder, reinforce!!
Find something they are into and tell them that they only get to do that thing by finishing their job. Have a backbone about it, but don't be a dictator!
Even though it takes waaaay longer to get the job done, in the long run they will feel proud they can do it themselves, and you won't have to do that job anymore.
This was my proud moment for the day!