Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Solar System Room

So, I had set up my little boy Dee Dee's room like a little solar system. I had found a Saturn wall mural for $2.28 at the thrift store. I bought some inflatable planets and hung them from the ceiling- they stunk to high heaven but I loved it! Later that night I went to check on the boy before retiring and decided I hated it. It looked too class-roomy- like an overzealous science teacher's class. Plus to a 2 yr. old it probably looked scary with all those wierd things hanging down. I had Neal cut the strings and threw the stink-balls down the stairway. I do like the big Saturn mural- I will have to warm it up with some friendly characters driving dumptrucks around or something. So far, so good! 
Have you ever loved something and then a couple of hours later just wrecked it and declared "It is NO good!"?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time Management take that!

So...I have learned recently that having a clean, open, and fun home is easier with a few time management tricks!
#1 WRITE A LIST  oh my goodness, have you ever thought "what did I do today?" with a list you can look at it, do it, and cross it out! Yay!
#2 Make sure on your to do list, you separate it into categories..people to call, errands to run, things to buy..it helps tremendously!

This past week I have gotten rid of alot of junk cluttering up my precious square footage. I was productive...I am sure it was due to using my time wisely :)