Saturday, March 5, 2011


So I have bought many organizing items over the years for my bathroom-- some of them being the suction cup type that go on your bathroom wall.

 #1 you must have a clean wall. CHECK.

 #2 You must have a very clean wall- use rubbing alcohol on it and let it dry. CHECK.

#3 Be proud of your new organizer neatly displaying your shampoos and body scrubs. CHECK.

#4 Wake up from a deep slumber to your heart racing as you wonder what just made that loud crashing noise. Was it a burglar? Did a shelf fall on my baby? Did he die from the weight? (my mind tends to go to the extreme sometimes)

 NO, it was just your suction organizer that "sucks" ) - get it hardy har har! Seriously none of them work- don't waste your money- they all fall down unless you just want to hold a razor- anything heavier and BOOM!
Tip: I use one single suction cup to hold my bath poufs- they dry off nicely and don't sit in a wet pool somewhere :)

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  1. Yeah, really these suction cups suck. Though they are small but act big and make a lot of trouble when fall off. It’s fun reading your blog. Thanks