Sunday, September 5, 2010

LAUNDRY, why all this laundry!!

O.K how come we only have 5 bodies living in the house and we have enough clothes to clothe a small army?? Seriously, I think I have got to pare down or I'll go insane from doing all this laundry. Not only is it washing current clothes we wear, but I am going through all the kids old bins of baby clothes and am going to give them to my younger brother, whose wife is due in March. But I can't just give her a big pile of I have to wash and put like outfits together, with matching socks etc. so she can easily see that this goes with that. I have to sort by size and by girl/boy clothes. Is this crazy?? Why do I care so much? Again, I think of all the times my kids wore these clothes and all the memories of them growing out of them and into the next cute outfit. I am treating them as if they were the sweet bums that once pooped on them. The truth is, my sister-in-law will probably go through them and toss the ones she doesn't like.

So anyways, my goal is to get rid of the clothes I know my kids have grown out of by the end of September, and also..get have 2 pairs of pajamas per kid MAX. I think I just went through the girls 2T bin and was astounded by around 27 pairs. I mean I love a good pair of jammies, but that is ridiculous. I partly blame Grandma who used to show up for a visit with 20 outfits in hand NO exaggeration. I keep telling her to put some money in a fund for the kids- but she thinks this is more fun. (adding to my laundry woes?)

I have thought about limiting each kid to 10 outfits plus 1 coat and 1 light jacket (depending on the season) Is this reasonable, or too strict? Right now their drawers are crammed full of clothes- a shirt drawer with 30 some odd pieces, drawers dedicated to pants, shorts, and socks and undies just full to the brim. I am not sure I can do it..10 oufits seems like so little, but when you think about all the time their outfits stay on my bench at the foot of my bed waiting to be put away- they probably grace the kids a whole 10 times before they are outgrown. GROWL. I am going to put pictures up when I get a chance- I think you will be horrified!


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